Alchemy for Global Transformation

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A Philosophy, A Faith, A Way of Life.

Temple of the Universal Mind:

Is what I have named my belief system. Like the Alchemical spiral staircase of my life, this too shall be a process. I will try to share by way of my life experiences, knowledge, insights, dreams and more what I believe to be true. I believe that matter (our bodies and temples) are finite, and that time is eternal. The spirit that animates mankind (Gnostic heavenly spark) and all other life forms is part of the greater cosmic web that is the Universal Mind or what some would call God. We are all one connected in numerous ways. Be it through Carl G. Jung’s collective unconscious, the work done in quantum physics or Eastern mysticism, there is no denying we are all in this together.

Jeffrey S. Turnbull

From the One, Towards the One,
By Means of the One

When I was young playing with the mercury that I procured from the local hobby shop to change the color of a penny, I never would have imagined that I would have such an interest in ALCHEMY.  I am interested in all systems that purify and transform to a higher state of being.

Be it the allegorical or symbolic nature of the craft or the pure science of changing a base substance to higher form which can be found in all cultures and thought systems: Taoism, Ayurveda, Psychology, the art of Stained Glass, to name but a few.

ALCHEMY is fundamental and necessary.  But first we must identify what the base substance is; we must be familiar with the medium that we are working with. 

It is my opinion and belief that all matter is latent energy.  In the mind all things are possible and perceived.  It just depends in what state of mind does your mind currently reside in and how do you perceive the world.

I know that we are all intrinsically of one mind; a UNIVERSAL MIND.

 So it is my feeling by changing our mind, and adjusting out perception of the world we can change it; and that the unexamined life as goes is not worth living; because it is nothing living; but subsisting.

So, it is my mission on this Earthy plain to share and extend to learn and to teach to use ALCHEMY FOR GLOBAL TRANSFORMATION.

So join me on my journey won’t you?  I am a singer, songwriter, guitarist, massage therapist, writer, poet, and a proud single father of the most incredible seven year old little girl named Sophia.  She says and asked the most unbelievable things; some of which I will share on occasion. 

Sophia asked recently while she was visiting: “Dad, why are you so interested in all this God stuff?”  She asked, while pointing to my rogues’ gallery of Guardian Angels.  “You have statues of Buddha and pictures, why do you have all this stuff?”

I told her that I had questions and I needed some answers; I was looking for truths, I was curious.  Later when I was putting her to bed, she was examining my diagram of the tree of life; all of a sudden I was teaching her about the Kabbalah.   It was a beautiful moment; one of many.


Jeffrey Scott Turnbull



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